Main Advantage
Brand Advantage

CUALI ® Group is the world's leading building materials company. The group's core products are adhesives and decorative materials, ceramic tiles and flooring materials, mortar and waterproof materials. Its many brands are well known around the world.

CUALI ® actively strengthen the brand construction, and constantly improve the brand reputation and influence. In 2018, became an official sponsor of the WAGC World Championship through his sponsorship.

Product Advantage

CUALI® continue to create value, exceeds expectations with innovative technology for partners and product users. Adhering to the group's consistent product concept and leading technology, CUALI® is the first in the industry to promote Epoxy Resin Sealant and water-based epoxy color sand caulking agent with long service life instead of traditional glass glue, according to the global trend of ceramic tile to develop Polyurea Adhesive, leading the industry trend of innovative products.

Main Advantage

The company is a group enterprise with the whole production chain layout in the industry. Global procurement, large-scale and local production make the products very cost-effective. CUALI ® has been deeply cultivating the Chinese market for several years. At present, the sales and service network has basically covered the whole country, and nearly 200 service centers and more than 1200 construction service outlets have been established in the country. CUALI ® can provide door to-door construction services within 24 hours in most cities. In recent years, CUALI ® has actively strengthened the cooperation with the group's customers, and has established long-term strategic partnership with Country Garden, Marco Polo and other well-known real estate and tile brands.



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