Company Profile

    CUALI ® owned by Zhongshan Cashleton Building Materials Co., Ltdis the world's leading manufacturer of adhesives and decorative accessories. Adhering to the group's consistent product concept and leading technology, we provide "one-stop solution for the whole house seam" for the global home furnishing.

    CUALI ® knows the products, after several quality innovation, the product line is rich and comprehensive. The main products are: Epoxy Resin Tile Grout, Epoxy Resin Adhesive, Silane Modified Polyether Adhesive, Polyurea Adhesive, construction auxiliary materials, etc.

    With the mission of innovative technology and "Eco-friendly chemistry", CUALI ® is constantly creating value for its partners and product users. Its products have passed or met the French indoor air Environment A+ standard, German EC environmental protection standard, RG standard and grade 0 mildew resistance standard. As one of the most influential brands in the industry, CUALI ® is the official sponsor of the WAGC World Championships. Through the WAGC World Championship to convey the products concept of safe and health to global users.

    CUALI ® has been deeply engaged in the Chinese market for several years, and its sales and service network has basically covered the whole country. In the future, CUALI will continue to lead the industry with innovative technology and achieve the beauty of home with excellent quality!

Product Development

    CUALI ® constantly creates value and exceeds expectations with innovative technology for partners and product users. Adhering to the group's consistent product concept and leading technology, CUALI ® is the first in the industry to promote Epoxy Resin Sealant and water-based epoxy color sand caulking agent with long service life instead of traditional glass glue. According to the global trend of tile to develop Polyurea Adhesive, leading the industry trend of innovative products.

    CUALI ® has been deeply cultivating the Chinese market for several years. At present, the sales and service network has basically covered the whole country, and nearly 200 service centers and more than 1200 construction service outlets have been established in the country. CUALI ® can provide door to-door construction services within 24 hours in most cities. In recent years, CUALI ® has actively strengthened the cooperation with the group's customers, and has established long-term strategic partnership with Country Garden, Marco Polo and other well-known real estate and tile brands.  

Company Promise
Social responsibility

The company strictly complies with the relevant national regulations from product design, raw material purchase, "three waste discharge" in the production process, sales and delivery process, and strictly controls the quality and environmental protection requirements

Has been committed to providing environmental protection, health, Eco-friendly products

The company has been committed to the development and promotion of more environmentally friendly products, in the promotion of low carbon, green, healthy technology field diligently

Input Huge investment and a lot of manpower, and gets breakthrough achievements! This is the company's product social responsibility

The company has been committed to repay the society, make the world more harmonious!We focus on charitable health care and environmental governance, and we donate money and technical support

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