MS Adhesive

MS Adhesive
Product features and details

MS Adhesive

CUALI® Silane Modified Polyether Adhesive, has outstanding bonding strength, eco-friendly and odorless, and suitable for many occasions.



it is applicable to composite, seam sealing, filler, beautify on sintered stone, solid surface, quartz stone, modified, composites, natural stone, tile, porcelain, granite etc.




Materials: Silane Modified Polyether 

Appearance: Smooth Paste

Surface Dry time: 20min

Fully Dry Time: 24h

Hardness: 50HA(Standard 30 - 90HA)

Anti-yellowing(168H/△E): < 2 (Standard△E ≤ 6)

Bonding Strength: 3 MPa (Standard ≥ 2MPa )

Volume: 590ml/Set

Type: Single Component Adhesive

MOQ: 1000 Sets

Delivery time: 20 days

Loading Port: Zhongshan or Guangzhou

Certification: French A+, Germany EC, RG

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