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Slate bonding glue can not be used indiscriminately, it will cause big problems if used wrong


Slate bonding

As a new type of interior decoration material derived from the ceramic industry, slate is distinguished from traditional ceramic tiles. The most fundamental change is the change of application site and the machinability of slate. In the process of processing, glue is often used for the splicing and pasting of slabs. Many friends are asking what glue should be used for slate bonding?

The glues commonly used for slabs mainly include these types, epoxy resin, unsaturated resin, acrylic acid, and polyurethane. The choice of glue for slate splicing depends on what part is used. The 45-degree splicing between rock slabs should be made of rock slab glue, epoxy resin, which can ensure seamless splicing, which is stronger and firmer, and can also be polished.


You can also choose MS Adhesive for the bonding of different materials.


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