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How to Choose a Slabs Adhesive?


Slabs Adhesive is mainly used for 45-degree splicing of slate and stone, and can also be used for composite bonding, repairing and shaping of slate, granite, quartz stone and artificial marble. Due to its excellent adhesion, discoloration resistance, water resistance, good sanding, and quick drying, slabs adhesive is widely used in slate dining tables, slate bathroom cabinets, slate cabinets, slate background walls, and The splicing and installation of slate furniture such as islands and slate stairs.

Now the slabs adhesive manufacturers on the market are mixed, and it is impossible to distinguish their quality. If you don't choose carefully before buying, it is easy to choose poor-quality slabs adhesive. In fact, we can judge the quality of slate glue through some simple "old way".

  1. The primary performance of the slabs adhesive is the cohesive force. This is done by splicing two small slabs together and then dropping them from the air. If the slabs are not separated or the glue still sticks to the slabs after they are cracked, it means the bonding is not bad.

2. Water resistance test. Fill the slate integrated basin with water, and see if there is any water leakage or the colloid has softened and discolored after seven days, and the water resistance performance can be seen at a glance.

3. Anti-yellowing performance test. After splicing, put it outside in the sun for a week, and you will know the anti-yellowing performance by seeing the color change.

Experienced master craftsmen generally choose CUALI Epoxy Adhesive, which is durable and resistant to high temperature, and has good anti-seismic and anti-shedding performance! Many large slate processing factories are using it. 

Summary: CUALI Epoxy Adhesive can be summarized into: "strong adhesion; good yellowing resistance; high and low temperature resistance; fast curing; clean smell and environmental protection; durable; convenient construction; easy to polish"

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